The Ubuntu Excellence Framework (UEF) is a scientific methodology to improve the quality of your operations. Its sole objective is to increase ROI on the basis of mathematical accuracy, which is why the UEF is a realistic indicator of when and how your strategic plans will materialize. You can expect gains in ROI of 10-20% within the first year by applying a practical toolset that drops the cost of poor quality in favour of investing in conformance. The methodology is simple, practical, and includes all criteria and nomenclatures.

"Do things right and you wont have to pay to fix them."

Philip B. Crosby


Excellence scores are a universal yardstick for quality.

Dropping the cost of poor quality in favour of investing in conformance is the basis of improvement in the UEF. It’s achieved by measuring causality in your operations, where the effectiveness of processes and your capability in delivering them is assessed. An analysis of the results produces your excellence score – a mathematically accurate indicator of organizational maturity. Your score is used to articulate the direction and plan for improvements so that you know what will be delivered when, given the available resources. Scores also benchmark organizations within industries, enabling you to compete purposefully.


Holistic & integrated definitions for performance excellence.

Criterion 1: Direction

Criterion 2: Governance

Criterion 3: Humanity

Criterion 4: People Wealth

Criterion 5: Realization

Criterion 6: Intelligence

Criterion 7: Results


Empower quality with humane governance.

"In a true zero-defects approach, there are no unimportant items."

Philip B. Crosby

[ u - boon - to ] noun. South African

"I am because we are"

Ubuntu refers to qualities of essential human virtues, like compassion and humanity. Our Ubuntu Excellence Framework is based on a systemization of the socio-economic wisdom of Ubuntu that has empowered small and growing communities for thousands of years.

Application for Excellence

Performance is Personal

Ubuntu is often misunderstood as a philosophy. It’s actually an indigenous governance system that has helped communities to thrive for centuries. Its secret is the integration of social, economic and environmental objectives on the basis of organizational results being a consequence of professionalism in people. Improve contribution and the entire organization benefits. Humanity as the true source of organizational success is why Ubuntu means “I am because we are.”


Standardization of
Human Capital

The UEF is the only human-centric excellence system in the world. It stipulates governance principles to harness human potential fairly, but also optimizes it through the systemization of change management, organizational design, and culture. Apply it to organizations of any type, even those with social objectives like non-profits and government.

quality management

Humanity First


“Many managers feel, somewhat cynically, that people are being paid to do their jobs and that’s that. This attitude reflects an insensitivity to people that is a trademark of many hockey-style managers.”



Philip Crosby.


Systematic improvement roadmap:


First, we improve the level of contribution by establishing governance principles that integrate with skills development and culture.


Next, we optimize organizational processes by assessing the value delivered from them in terms of their function and performance, given the deployed resources.


With healthy foundations in place, focus shifts to building stability and optimizing value for consistent gains in ROI on the long-term.


To empower sustainability, technologies and tools that create consistency in quality are implemented. Success also creates opportunities to develop visions and missions.


Quality is human potential applied to specifications.

The simplicity of the PDCA methodology for continuous improvement lends itself well to the implementation of UEF since it’s an effective measure of causality in your organizational processes. It is the basis by which assessments are performed, and that data is used to test improvements on small scales before updating work practices. The result is certainty in what you plan being delivered.

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Know your excellence score within 6 months. The accurate mathematical data you’ll get from our assessments is actionable intelligence to guide your strategic decision-making.